WK Interact


WK Interact is on the upcoming cover of Juxtapoz.

I cannot post this though without obviously addressing some recent events.
First, before I say anything it is important to mention that I adore the work of WK Interact.

In fact, (perhaps with my own optimistic ideas of artists working together) I last wrote about him with these words: “What makes WK’s work so remarkable is how well it lends itself to the bombers and taggers and rambling homeless. The black and white figure is like a large scale human size newspaper waiting to be highlighted, crossed out, torn, and written over…”

Ironically, it was WK Interact who succumbed the fate of a paster that blindly goes over bomb graffiti. WK recently suffered from a concussion in Miami after taking a blow (allegedly) by bomber Nekst. Apparently, after an exchange of words following the ongoing beef between WK, Nekst and Wyse, WK Interact was rushed to the hospital unconscious.



(Images taken from Bombin Magazine)

I have no idea why French street artists blindly paste over what ever they feel like. Anyone can point to FKDL or Mr. Brainwash’s street crew recently in New York walking around like this is Paris, acting like they own the place. At the same time however, I cannot condone the thuggish actions of gangsters with spray paint.

Personally, I live in the hood. I’m less saddened by someone getting rocked than I am by the fading idea that we as humans have evolved to a point where we can create, and then bring our art to the masses, to share it with others, to beautify the urban decay that has become a byproduct of the first world post industrial nation that we call home. This idea is fading because it has been clouded by the ego. The ego; the idea that anyone can go out and gain notoriety simply for being there, to relish in the emotions acquired not simply for making art that is beautiful and enriching for humanity, but just because. This has only fueled individual agendas. This game isn’t what it used to be. Art in the street has only become a fast track to sneaker endorsements and closed mindedness. How fascinating it is- this perceived need for humans to claim property. Really, a graffiti artists owns wall space on public property? Are you fucking kidding me?

There is room for all of us, always.




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26 responses to “WK Interact

  1. newyorker

    Unless they were just squashing beef, they should just handle it on the streets. This ego game gets to primal sometimes. No empathy in this culture, it’s about selfishness, or at most being down for your crew. The fuck everything mentality is so childish, and most of the time it is just toys ragging each other and starting shit. But does it hurt the ego that much when a few throws, pieces or whatever are gone over? just go over it again. Grow the fuck up people and practice some humility.

  2. old new york

    while its true that violence related to such an affair/beef/whatever is a bit childish or extreme, the fact is that street have chose to put their work up in the ‘street’ , which is something that graffiti writers have been doing for a lot longer, and have a culture which has unwritten rules and codes, and going over ones work by another results in not only a war of paint but throwing of the fists at times. childish it may be , but thats the way it is. so if you cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen, OR dont go over anothers work. there is plenty of wall space available, why do wheat pasters feel thay can just place thier work over anothers. the street is the gallery for writers, and now wheatpasters. whith wheta pasters , there is more often than not an actual “gallery” somewhere along the line that will be hanging there work, so if a graffiti writer came into such an establishment and just decided to put his work over the artist on displays work, would that not be wrong? its the same shit. the moral is-dont start none wont be none.

  3. newyorker

    i understand your points/pov, but i feel at some point, people need to grow up a bit. look at the bigger picture and see where you stand in society. for a lot of people it’s their whole life, and if that’s fine with them, i don’t really care. but do you really want to be brawling, in and out of county at an old age?

    i do agree though, don’t start none, won’t be none. most “street artists” don’t understand the basic principals of getting up, so they get in trouble. like what happened on houston awhile back with DYM. live and learn i guess.



  5. Big Hunger

    I dont understand how Weatpasters and street artists can claim walking around putting up posters is ”getting up” like they are putting there there freedom, and for alot of graffiti thier life on the line…You should call it Posting up , or putting up because you basically can wal around at will in the middle of the day and do your thing and claim your street credibility, when in fact the cops most likely drive by you and not give a fuck what your doing…. You wanna play in the streets then you play by the streets, and the streets dont fuckin play. When I look around i am grossed the fuck out by all this most of the time busted mondane boaring as fuck images, that are used to promote play station PSP’s and other types of media and promotion… wheres the art in posters and wheat pasing? Its not liek oyur out there with a brush???? You go home do a little photoshop and print away ?????? I didnt start doing graffiti 20 years ago to get a fuckin gallery show , but i can honestly say that every spot i get is done right there from start to finish with paint in hand…. And on a nother note how can you say that all these wheat pasters and poster marks are out here doin it liek its some selfless act of art for the world , there out there to make a god damn name for themself just like everyone else, They even have crews now hahahaha………

  6. yinzer#adrunk

    ha ya man fuck wheat paisters,seriously, they’re just a bunch of art people to pussy to paint.u know racking supplies,goin out in the middle of the nite,being hated by basically everyone.hitting shit almost everynight reguardless of loosing friends ,lovers and family.ya i understand why people cant hang with writers,i’ve seen people puttin up that shit in the middle of the day,and no one saying shit to them.good dude got his ass busted taking people spots,yo the art gallery is looking for scenesters and trendy,no heart,mediocore art down the street.keep that shit away from our fucking streets.

  7. Graffiti

    If WK is going to go out on the streets and vandalize things, he is creating a form of graffiti. Although it is not true graffiti, which is based on creating letters, it is graffiti in the definition of that is applying a medium to a surface that doesn’t belong to you. Therefore, he is expected to follow the rules set and followed by writers. If you go over someone you have to clearly burn them. The more famous the writer, the less probable it is that you will burn it, or be justified in going over it. WK did not clearly burn the wyse throw-up and he faced the consequences. This is not a matter of “thugs with paint.” Dasco, you mention that you are depressed that street art is getting destroyed by ego and sneaker endorsements. Graffiti has always been about getting your name up the most, destroying the competition if it steps in your way. this has not changed a bit. Remember all the photos from NYC train layups from the 80’s where the kids were all getting down and smiling… but they were holding bags of paint in one hand and bats in the other? The chance of violence when your pieces and spots are getting gone over or blown up has always been there. Currently graff gets buffed faster than ever and the spots you have riding are more valuable than ever. When someone eliminates one of your spots without obeying the rules, they have to realize they could face the consequences. WK did. And the thought of mentioning sneaker contracts in the same paragraph that you’re mentioning NEKST’s name is just silly. NEKST is one of the rawest nation-wide bombers that is not about to be on any sneakers.

  8. Thomas Paine

    Writers fighting is like watching monkeys fight for pussy. Writer’s fighting with wheatpasters is like watching it in gay.

    It’s a shame too because Nekst is probably the best writer to reach the limelight in a decade. It’s obvious he’s a smart boy, but doin this at Art Basel, with the whole internet world as witness, he’ll probably get wrapped.

    The only thing that was ever commendable about graffiti was anonymity. Something every modern graffiti writer from the 80s-on has simply fucking gassed.

    It’s why today’s writers don’t understand the “one” after a tag, why crews pretend to be gangs, rather than simply walking the line and shutting the fuck up.

  9. D30!!

    I told him… The BLACKWATER CORPORATION. Coming for that ass in Sunny 2008.

  10. utfo

    Who cares…what street rules? Futura 2000 and his contemporaries practically invented NYC Graff. They got sneaker deals, and they got gallery shows…Futura left town for a while over a beef too. Who knows what NEKST will do or be when he’s 52yrs old like Futura.

    WK played and got punched so what…get back on the saddle and keep going…he’ll either never do that again or get fucked up again…but so what. There is no right or wrong with graff . All news is good news even the bad.

  11. bakalan

    First of all WK neva got knocked out, he was neva unconscious- he got jumped, yes I say jumped cause there was no exchange of word- I just saw de big man ask him a question an wk said yes and dat was when he started getting punched. it was real obvious it was pland. – an I kno cause I was dey.
    I dont even like wheatpasts but wk could paint too- I’ve seen dat man paint more dan ten years ago strait on de wall wid a brush and I have seen wk shit tagged ova plenty times- not just now but years ago -so dog eat dog an I just tink was fair is fair- you talk about wk like is only him dat does dat- you too lie.
    An whats de problem you have wid foriegners in NY. I am Jamaican born and New York bred an none ah all you car tell me I dont belong dey or I walking thru dey like is back ah yard I am- so what if I born somewhere else- you not complaining when you dancing to my farda music an smokin de ting from my country.

  12. Frank

    Those “unwritten graffiti rules” go like this,

    Stickers: labels, wheat paste, Scratchitty, anything that most likely falls under the newer term “Street Art”

    Tags over Stickers: Marker ink, Spray Paint, Bucket Paint, fire extinguisher tags, More Permanent substances.

    Fills and Pieces over Tags: Paint, Bucket Paint, more time produced and higher risk graffiti stuff that qualifies as a “Burner”.

    Simple. Try not to put the latter over the prior and you’ll avoid a concussion.

    Unless you want to purposely diss that persons graffiti then it’s called “war-ing” or “Beef”

    There I just schooled you.
    If street artist in general consider themselves above these standards then yes you may get away with going over more well established graffiti writers but if you are not paying attention to who exactly the person is you are going over then you just might get caught one day. And since the main goal of most writers is not to be gone over they will do what they can to find you.
    So there you go.

  13. Frank

    Prior over the latter*

  14. Frank

    Oh Yea and f*ck snɔɹɐɯ ǝʞıɯ too.
    See right there, that’s called flipping someone.
    That’s some other real graffiti shit you don’t know about.

  15. Nardo

    look what I found. it kind of makes sense:

    “-Its funny how things can become distorted.

    -Yes it was a legal wall and as a friend of the owner it was a planned project for his building.

    -There were two possibilities to work on it, paint it over or just leave it the way it was.

    -Either way, I would have to go over it and I chose the second possibility. A few weeks later WYSE / NEKST came back. The owners got pissed and wanted the soldiers replaced, they had the wall painted over, leaving my tag (the WK skull). If you really think I would spend time to paint the wall over and leave a tiny tag that does not make any sense.

    -Regarding taking risqué bombing the street, I would rather go with a CAN than a stupid bucket full of glue and a dumb broom any day. And putting something up political can bring much more problems besides spending time in jail.

    -the quote was: “This is a classic example of why war goes on”
    At no point did I blame graffiti for the war in Iraq, that is some real misquoting there. It was not about me, it was not about my work, it was not about graffiti, it was about what was going on in Iraq.

    -I have been working on the street for the last 23 years. Most of what I do is a display of the human struggle. For all these years, if I had been a complainer for the quantity of tag that went over my stuff I should have just quit and become an anti-graffiti team with the city, right? Instead, a few years ago, I even designed a figure of a tagger bombing the street so all were welcome to interact with it.

    -I don’t own the street and chose the street to proclaim my freedom. I did start from nothing and was struggling for many years. I have worked very hard to not be in that position again and still now instead of staying in galleries I am still going out and taking the risqué to put my shit up.

    -The city has changed and most of the location has been taken for commercials or gets painted over the next day, there is definitely not much space left for any of us.”

    Comment by WK — December 14, 2008


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  19. jeanne d'arc

    Dudes, you all gonna have to calm the fuck down because you are all so retard!!!!!!
    Nekst thinks so highly of himself with his miserably primitive artwork that he allows himself the right to “fuck” another artist on the street?
    It’s because of mentally attarded people like NEKST that shit gets out of hand and before you know it everyone and their little brother is dead!
    Look at all the retarded comments on the WK incident: “frog” ??????? do you guys even know who is the French president? probably not, because you spend so much time trying to emulate the old glory days of the pioneer graffiti guys -who would be embarrassed by your crime- and who have totally moved on in their art career. Does NEKST think he is so legitimate that he can start a war over a space that’s not his and that’s been comissioned by the owner? I bet he is jealous of WK’s talent and recognition…who cares if WK is French? does that make him a phony? all of you Nekst supporters should make a little investigation into the ghettos of France…graffiti is totally prevalent, and has been for a while.
    Nekst is only calling for cultural regression with his crime; retaliation only works when something terrible has happened…look at his work: sorry, but it’s pathetic and should be hidden from plain sight.
    So if you guys think it’s brotherhood to fuck up a legitimate artist, revise your thinking.
    Times have changed.

  20. Philth

    times have changed!
    move with them dont fight to keep things the way they was!
    If all you are capable of is writing your name on stuff then thats fine but some people then hate those of us who take it further.
    I personally can see how things can get violent, because if you are passionate about something then you will fight for it. but come on, its drawing on stuff simple as that.
    if you want to go over stuff for the purpose of starting beef go over the adverts and bullshit that takes up most wall space in most city’s.
    I participate in this shit for the love, its a shame some do it for the hate!

  21. Philth

    And alot of the past-ups i see are produced by hand.
    and look amazing compared to mundane traditional taggs and thro’s

  22. Base

    These guys are from my town in Texas ….. —– Nekst, we used to call him Shrek. His brother IS ——- Wyse. They look like twins, I think —– lives in NYC. All Nekst likes to do is get COKED UP and punch people. He is real lucky he did not get caught here in Miami the law is not cool for assault.

  23. 7rat

    its real sad when you see whose posing as bombers these days. just another bunch of fakers using the street to get famous and in with the gallerys. heads got to recognize these little sell outs like NEKST got to be disciplined. WE dont do this for the same reasons. and his daddys texas doll house dont look nothing like the SouthBronx to me.

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  25. seriously

    base you are a snitch.

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