Recently in New York three hundred civilians participated in the first ever East River Aquathon.



Here is a letter from Landon Jones.

“…during which we attempted to consume the entire static volume of said waterway between Manhattan’s southern tip and the Harlem River some ten miles upstream. For the Aquathon I built a 5′ x 5′ x 7′ stainless steel gravity driven water filtering tank and a much smaller anti-microbial Ultra Violet Irradiation Tank from which I and my two friends served the threehundred civilians purified water sourced from the river itself. Dawning “turn-of-the-century” bathing costumes, bowler caps, and waxed moustaches (as a part of DUMBO Art Center’s Down Under The Bridge Art Festival ’08) we three proved, on a limited scale, the viability of filtering brackish estuary water for use as drinking water and nearly reached pirates’ gold that no doubt laid beneath, unfortunately however it rained undoing all we’d did done dranked. Attached you’ll find some photographs of the UV tank, and in a few weeks I’ll send you some photos from the drinking scene, on the beach in DUMBO. Thanks to my friends who actually showed and trusted me with river pollution and hepatitis, very good of you. To the rest, I’ll see you later.”
your friend,



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