Art of War/ Art of Walk

Here are some photos Julie Kaye sent over to me yesterday of our recent walking art exhibition slash protest slash excursion.


This is the piece I brought with me.


As you can see I was a little bit nervous, as evident by the pee by my feet… or wait, is that coffee?




Somebody designated me the leader because they thought I knew where we were going. This is me rallying up the troops ala Mel Gibson in Braveheart but it looks more like I’m doing a Keanu Reeves impression. As you can tell, Brandon AKA Babychicken is looking at me like I’m out of my goddamn mind.


Here we are crowded outside The Joshua Liner Gallery like an angry mob…


After stopping by Jonathan LeVine Gallery we made our way to Nolita to speak with Sebastien Le Pelletier of Gallery Nine 5


Stay tuned. More photos to be posted as they come in…


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One response to “Art of War/ Art of Walk

  1. hey ! nice work! im curious…organizing this exact thing, but with musicians too and how was the pedestrian reaction?

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