Paper Magazine Talks Us UP

“This past Saturday, a group of animal-mask-clad artists — David and Jennifer of FOOX, Julie Kaye, Peter Chang, Dan Barojas, Babychicken, DASCO and Stephen Snow — took part in a walking exhibition around New York City, The Art of Walk. The crew carried their pieces with them from Union Square to SoHo, with stops along the way in galleries like Jonathan LeVine and Deitch. Here are some pics from the roving art show.”

Paper Magazine
(Click link for more photos!)






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5 responses to “Paper Magazine Talks Us UP

  1. Some say “the heart” of FOOX. Others say “the brains” of FOOX. All know she is JESSICA FOOX.

  2. word from the leader – she says she is the brains. hahahahaahaha.


  3. Wolfie

    Ok whose the cat in the black? just kidding.

    Awesome stuff Dasco ma man, you have done some great stuff here and only in NYC right?

    Missing Miami amigo? you should come back some time…

  4. I love David Foox! He’s doing a piece for us, too! 😉

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