Shag & Calma at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

(Jonathan LeVine posing with an installation by Calma.)

Our homies over at Juxtapoz ran a great feature today covering last week’s exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The show featured Shag and Calma.

There is an impeccable precision in the technique of Shag. Prior to ever seeing his work in person I actually thought that it was digital. To my surprise, everything is hand painted.

As for Calma… there is something about Brasil that constantly churns out some of the best contemporary artists on the world stage. Calma’s figures are like life size tarot cards, with anatomically placed iconography as if it tattooed. The images seem historical, but are profoundly contemporary.

(Shag standing in a room converted into an aquarium.)

You can check out the Juxtapoz review here!
(Photos by Juxtapoz)


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