Art Of War

As you may have heard Team Foox and The Mongrel are joining a handful of emerging artists to partake in some good ol’ fashion guerrilla art. Here is Brandon Hill in his own words…


“My name is Brandon Hill also known as The Babychicken, and I’m from Baltimore, MD and my style reflects both my personality and also hometown. I’m from a really strange town that can be as dangerous as it is friendly, and who cuisine is top notch but only from the shabbiest of joints. Growing up I started to really meet characters everywhere in the city and that gave me a really good habit of not being afraid to meet and talk to anyone in “any city.” My work is largely based on niche individuals, not just local to Baltimore, but rather that are heroes or legends in their own right relative to their community. These illustrations I place on everything from furniture, canvas, wood, to vinyl. Images of faces and people of niche cultures from around the world is my passion. It’s all about pop hero’s from Rocky Marciano, Noam Chomsky and Mr. T, to El Santo and The Blue Demon. My goal as an artist is to simply carve a niche out for myself while contributing something positive and new to the art world aesthetic. It’s hard to do new, but I keep trying and keep hustling everyday.

The show at this point to me is a cool new approach to looking at Arts and Conflict. Like a strange mix of Randy Couture and Any Warhol is what I see. What also gets me crazy is thinking about this show is that the folks on the street that witness this are getting something special for noting as the initial action is a fake protest, finding out later that it is not. This is analogous to police officer pulling you over, walking to your window, and writing you a ticket that is actually a free coupon for candy at city hall. Just a little fun and eye candy in a situation were pedestrians would expect to be inconvenienced, hindered or offended, is the image conjure.

One of the pieces that I’m contributing is a painting that explores the use of the MARPAT camouflage scheme used on things non tactical, in this case a BIBLE. The piece is not to say anything of religion being good or bad but really just pokes fun at anything that the color pattern is applied to that is non-functional, and not meant to be hidden, I.E. Water bottles, I-Pods, Pajamas, etc. Another piece that I’ll bring through is a designer vinyl ‘custom’ called Qee-oleum Tom, a designer vinyl creation that is a cross of a robot and aerosol can based of the Qee template toy, by Toy2R. The piece actually feels and weighs like the real deal, and with the look of the figure the fat-cap becomes the eye “Cyclops like.””


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