Photos: The View at Steve Turner Gallery


Pearl C. Hsiung is a painter who has shown in the U.S., Germany, South Korea, and the U.K. She received her MA at UCLA and her MFA at Goldsmiths in London, U.K. Her paints depict vast inter-stellar landscapes littered with protesting cacti, exploding volcanos and various fragments of mundane objects that are both familiar and unfamiliar. She currently lives and resides in Koreatown, Los Angeles with her boyfriend Scott Baggs Martin and her dog Penny and her cat Prince. Here are some photos from a group show she was in at the Steve Turner Gallery this weekend. The show was entitled the View, but Star Jones didn’t have any work in the show. Wrong view jerks.

Steve Turner Contemporary presents The View, a group exhibition of works by four Los Angeles based women artists in concert with paintings and drawings by the California modernist Henrietta Shore (1880-1963). Shore’s feminized idea of nature serves as a foil and compliment to the contemporary artistsf work. The exhibition includes photographs by Ellen Birrell, paintings by Pearl C. Hsiung, sculpture by Tia Pulitzer and composite paintings by Megan Williams.

(Michael Hsiung, Los Angeles)



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