Aaron Geiser: A Conversation about the Future


Aaron Geiser and I both entered Columbus College of Art and Design in 2003. Since then, Aaron and I have become part of a national narrative in the past six years. We have bared witness to a country that has taken a turn for the worse. It is important to mention however that Aaron is a documentarian, an inventor, and a dreamer. Though I dropped out of art school, Aaron went on to receive a Bachelor in Fine Art for photography. As part of this narrative, Aaron is writing a new chapter. At the dawn of new leadership in a country in peril, Aaron has launched a new website. His new site blogs about hydrogen fuel and clean coal technology. Meanwhile, he has meticulously archived his journeys over the past few years that have brought him from the Midwestern U.S. to Europe and back. I recently caught up with Aaron so we could discuss the future. We talked about progress and our new president, along with what projects he is working on to better artists and the environment, and how others can help.


“My most recent travels took me to Ireland with the cirque troop Lucent Dossier. I documented the performances at Electric Picnic, as well as a few other events in Ireland and the UK. You can peruse through what I shot in my new online photo archive.


I’m living in Los Angeles right now – got a nice little place on a hill in Highland Park. I’ve been working like a busy bee on web projects and other tech stuff. I have been developing a new social networking site called Art Seen. that will allow artists to host a portfolio of their work and share information with each other. The site is being built around a series of events called MAKEOut sessions. That’s “MAKE” for MAKE MAGAZINE. Warren McKinney, the brains behind the project, is also turning Art Outside (the annual art event at The Enchanted Forest that brings together artists from all over the country) into a non profit organization. He’s really stirring things up down there in Austin.


I also started a new company called Pulsar Hosting that offers web development and hosting services. I’m pretty excited about it because not only are all of my products based on open source technology, the infrastructure that is running everything is backed by 130% in wind energy credits.


In regards to Obama – I am extremely excited for what is to come. For a generation that has pretty much played dead it’s whole life, this moment in history marks an awakening. Obama’s rhetoric speaks to a generation that has the potential to carry our nation into a new age of innovation and abundance. There is going to be a wealth of new opportunity in the years ahead of us. I look forward to participating in this new movement.”


When I ask Aaron if he needs any help he says: “I need lots of help. I am putting together a new project aimed at linking individuals and families with information, goods, and services to reduce their environmental impact, foster energy independence in a fast changing world, and develop sustainable living practices for uncertain economic times. I am looking for green contractors and product suppliers, grant writers, event organizers, media artists, legal professionals, marketing professionals, innovators, big thinkers, movers and shakers… Want to be a part of something big? Go to my website and send me a message with your contact information and a brief description about what you specialize in.”

Learn more about Aaron Geiser.
(Interview: Dasco)


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  1. these images are tremendously powerful. i say BRAV-THE-F*K-ON Aaron it is gorgeous.



    PS: Dasco, chocolate chip cookies are just a means for me and jess to change MIND into THOUGHT (or STATIC into DYNAMIC).

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