Prop 8 Protest in NYC

Aaron Cobbett sent me these photos of the protest against Prop 8 last night in front of The Church of Latter Day Saints.




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3 responses to “Prop 8 Protest in NYC

  1. prop8discussion

    why does everyone assume that voting for traditional families equals hate, bigotry, homophobia etc?

    i voted yes because i think kids have a right to a mom and a dad.

    france studied the issue for a year and they decided no on same-gender marriage because childrens’ rights trump adults “rights” or wants.

    if you argue for equality for all– then you also argue for equality for brothers and sisters to marry or adults and children to marry, really for any two people to marry. this is something that should be decided with care.

    screaming “discrimination” or “bigotry” is not an argument.

  2. Chris

    Your logic is pretty weak here prop8discussion.

    I don’t understand how voting to deny a group rights to marry does anything to affect a child’s right to a mom and dad. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be married to have kids.

    And besides, 4 out of 10 children in America grow up in a single-parent family. Should single-parent mothers and father be denied rights because “kids have a right to mom and dad.”

    As for the slippery slope logic, that’s just plain foolish. It’s the exact same logic that was used by Anita Bryant in the 70s to argue in support of Prop 6, which would have required the firing of any openly gay teachers in CA public schools.

    Makes me sad when someone uses specious logic to justify such an important vote as prop 8 that ends up affecting only other people, not them one bit.

    If you were to make the choice on say religious grounds, I’d still disagree with you, but have a lot more respect for your opinion. Now you’re just making decisions based on weak logic.

  3. Anonymous

    This is about civil rights, period. If someone told you you couldnt do something because you belonged to a specific minority you would be pissed off too believe that.
    P.S. To all you happy Obama supporters, Interracial marriages were illegal in this country until 1967, with the ‘Loving vs Virginia’ supreme court case.
    more info. here

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