Aaron Geiser Launches New Website

My buddy Aaron Geiser just launched a new website. If you like learning about verticle farming and clean coal technology while looking at photography full of brilliant color and character then you’ll dig Aaron’s site. If you like photographs of performance and portraits from the artistic nooks of the world then I highly recommend checking out Aaron’s work.



You may remember Aaron’s old website. He spent last year traveling around the U.S. on a motorcycle taking photos of various art scenes. I should note that by “art scene” I do not mean the hipster kind. He spent a couple of months with a group of kids living in a forest putting on a play somewhere in Texas. I’d call Aaron up on the phone and we’d have to pause for a few minutes while a cross country train went by. The last time I saw Aaron was when we met up at Alex Grey’s Gallery while Aaron was here in the city. He told me he was heading to Europe (the photos here are from Dublin, Ireland) and then something about North African and riding a camel across a desert. Now, I think he is back in L.A.. Just check out the site… you’ll be in for a treat. 



Learn more about Aaron Geiser


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