Kehinde Wiley at Deitch

Me, my girl, and about a couple thousand chic New Yorkers attended Deitch Project’s opening of Kehinde Wiley’s exhibition titled “Down.” I’ve already taken a look at quite a few different websites with coverage of the show. What always interests me is the complete lack of any conversation about the subject matter of an exhibiton. Lets get down to business folks.

Kehinde Wiley, as an artist but more importantly as a black man, takes the classic poses of Anglo-Saxon, caucasian figures, in the European, Western sense of fine art and translates that subject matter and composition into large scale works depicting young, “urban” African American or black men. What is the sense of martyrdom in the hood? Die young, fast, and fabulous. In keeping with the title of the exhibition the young men are all lying on their sides, as if they have been shot. In keeping true to notions of fabulousness and wealth in hip hop culture, the paintings are big, some stretching over twenty feet in length. This is by far the best show I’ve seen in 2008.


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