Tagur Footwear

Tagur allows artists to produce their own signature line sneaker!

(Design by David Foox)

“We place selected customized sneakers in a sneaker event and
the audience of the events judges and decides which shoes we make into
production shoes and the audience can purchase the one of a kind custom

It is a pure and organic process whereas the audience can own a custom
original piece that spawns production pieces and the artist gets rewarded
by having their own line to gain international notoriety or further their
notoriety. From the novice artist to the seasoned everyone has a shot and
are judged by the free market. We set the stage, you rock the mic.”

Learn more about how you can design a pair of custom sneakers with Tagur here!



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2 responses to “Tagur Footwear

  1. ElvisFreshly

    If you want to customize your shoes you should go to http://www.thejgcustoms.com to purchase a kit. Also, the best custom shoes on the net.

  2. I dont know about Tagur vs say Adidas which have some nice white panels – although i did like painting on the Tagur panels. I would select something like Adidas first. Also, I owe 3 people custom kicks and have not got them done yet!!!!

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