A Message from Chris Stanton

Los Angeles based artist and writer Chris Stanton sent me a message yesterday that I wanted to post here.


(Collaboration with Greg Siff)

“When I got home last night, cops had blocked off the street a block away and I walked down there and saw a body lying on the ground, covered by a sheet, and I guess someone had been murdered. It bummed me out for a bit because I just stood there for a while, watching the people who had been in the laundromat nearby when it happened slowly being excused and ducking under the police tape. But the body was still there and nobody came for it and nobody even walked near it. It just got me thinking and I guess feeling grateful for what I’ve got, even all the voices from my teenage years telling me that I’m a Fuckup, but also for all the enormous confidence I’ve gained over the last few years as I create more art and people respond to it and I realize that I might have found my niche.
Much love,


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  1. live now. love now. now. tic tic tic tic

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