New York Streets…

Mr. Brainwash’s characters lean like sculptures against Bowery and Houston. The taxis speed by… the pedestrians shuffle by as the bike messengers race by…. everybody is in a rush and Mr. Brainwash stops and whispers “Life is Beautiful.” Life is Beautiful New York. Everything is going to be okay. Slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Flanked by Chinese store fronts selling lanterns… big sphere like paper lanterns, vertical wooden lanterns, and the metallic kind too… Buried in The Lantern District exists a neglected niche where Shepard Fairey left a little girl with a rose months ago. Mr. Brainwash brought her some company this weekend.

A nice tourist family walked by as I was taking this photo. They looked at me like I was the lowest scum on the earth. What a great way to start a Monday, right?

That is a photo of FKDL

Here is a photo of where FKDL pasted over Gaia on Wooster Street… and the result.


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  1. god, yes…new york is getting creepy again!

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