New York Streets…

If McPalin gets elected The Mongrel may become based out of Paris. I can not do another four years with crazy people running my country. Visit Frightening Prospects

As you can see, there was some editing done to the Chocolate News mural done in my neighborhood. Nice work Brooklyn.

Autumn is definitely here in the city and I’m freezing my ass off….

In my opinion this is one of the greatest by products of street art. One of Gaia’s wheat paste characters gets bombed with a blanket of blue spray paint only to be pasted over again. He looks like a homeless man sleeping with a newspaper over him. I’m always reminded of “The Large Glass” by Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp claimed the work was unfinished for many years. One day it was dropped and the glass cracked. Duchamp responded by saying that now the piece was finally finished. I love that art has been taken to the street because it gets to interact and experience dozens of incarnations that gallery art never will.

I saw this image while walking over to the Doze Green & Blek le Rat show at The Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Here is a photo of Kevin Bourgeois and Jonathan LeVine. As everyone knows Kevin’s work has grown increasingly popular around the world. As a result, every time I see Kevin he grows even more eccentric. As you can see here, he has been wearing this red scarf around his head every day. Soon he’ll be adorned with a tight black turtle neck and a beret.

There are so many little Ana Peru characters that live on the streets of this city. I think The Mole People have some competition.

Speaking of Ana Peru… this is essentially what happens to so much street art in Manhattan.
Mister cool Model and Mister super cool modeling agency photographer block a busy sidewalk in Soho to grab “that urban look” that you know, appeals to the youth. I shall note that this here Aryan nazi of a model is standing in front of a door pasted with Ana Peru. I’m sure they will (unwillingly) be in some douche bag fashion mag soon.


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