David Foox: A Conversation about Television (Part V)

When David Foox and I last spoke in Part IV of this interview, we discussed the journey involved with his upcoming television show. David will soon begin filming a pilot for A&E about the life of an artist on the rise. The show is tentatively being called “Life Imitates Foox.” To conclude our interview I wanted to ask David where the idea originated to take his career as an artist into the realm of television. Finally, I ask David what he hopes to accomplish with the television series. In the words of David Foox….

“TV is the next natural step. You know I was watching this interview with Anthony Hopkins (who by the way I adore) and his dream for the last 3 decades was to be a music composer. Obviously, he is a brilliant actor and has made a good living off that, however, his passion is music composing. Well, it made me realize just how close all the arts really are to each other – and it seems very natural for me to go from a 2D canvas to a 3D moving picture (TV). It is also an alternative way of communicating – and as you know I am big in to the whole communication thing. (Also, my producer likes to say “It’s faster than going door to door” – although I disagree of course…)”

In response to my question about what he hopes to accomplish, David had this to say. “I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N, complete, total, reality bending, time-space shifting… that sorta thing. And a second season.”

As always you can see all of David Foox’s work here.
However, I also encourage you to search around this website. We have covered David Foox extensively since the launch of The Mongrel. He has become a great friend and consistently cranks out work that only comes from a truly gifted artist. You can expect to see more of David Foox here in the future. This interview has been a pleasure. Thank you David.
(Interview by Dasco)



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3 responses to “David Foox: A Conversation about Television (Part V)

  1. I met the Foox’s by inviting them to a toy show I curated & organized. Since we met they have always been nothing but positive & supporting towards others, themselves & creativity in general. I have the pleasure of calling them friends & know that they are TRULY exceptional humans! They will continue to manifest themselves positively upon the world throughout their existence. Keep the goodvibes coming…
    Peace be upon you & yours…..

  2. i remember that toy show!!!!
    that was at Kickballers owned by Diallo Sharif. That was the S-H-U-T-your mouth! It was awesome. My first munny toy painted up large. CY-clops!

  3. I met David at Art Basel during my ice cream and cake show at Art Now Art Fair. I agree he has a wonderful spirit about him and his energy permeates. I wish him luck and look forward to all great things that will come of it.

    I am new to this site but you all rock

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