Doze Green + Blek le Rat at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Heidi Greenwood and Dasco swung by Jonathan LeVine’s Gallery Friday night to check out the new show by legendary New York street artist Doze Green and Parisian stencil artist Blek le Rat.
(Photos by Heidi Greenwood)

Dasco // Doze Green // David Ellis

Michael Mararian (Inky Dreadfuls) // Dasco

Kevin Bourgeois // Dasco

The place was packed!

Doze Green’s art has consistently evolved from the street onto canvas. Doze Green’s leering alien figures find a comfortable home amongst space ship and wild boar shaped vignettes woven and dripping from brush strokes drawn from a palette of gray, accented by muted yellow and blood red.

Blek le Rat’s stencils leap and stamp onto walls and canvas alike. Blek’s work finds an appropriate contradiction in historically inaccurate settings and plays with tension amongst iconography.


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