David Foox: A Conversation about Television (Part III)

After discussing religion in part two of this interview on “Life Imitates Foox” starring David Foox I wanted to find out what he personally believed. Could people really do anything they put their minds to?

“The short answer is simply: YES (a resounding YES at that). However, the more complicated answer is recognising that 1. nothing is arbitrary – everything is as your mind creates it to be and 2. you have to define what you mean by “putting their minds to it”. Because that line suggests that there is some type of effort involved, that it has to involve effort, determination, hard work, etc. And to that I say – NO WRONG INCORRECT!”

“There is nothing difficult about recognising that life is all about generating the experience you 1. want/desire, 2. believe you deserve, 3. allow yourself to receive, 4. are truly appreciative for, and 5. recognize that reality is your making.”

“So I guess I believe in “inspired action” – effortless, joyous, happy, fulfilling, purpose-driven, action all directed towards something greater than myself. Who said this “Find something more important than yourself and dedicate your life to it”? OR Warren Buffett’s saying “Success is getting what you want, Happiness is wanting what you get”. I think about these sayings daily in relation to your question, because I believe it is more important to identify WHAT it is you want out of life RATHER THAN trying to decide whether or not you can or cannot have something in your life (of course you can).”

Please visit parts Four and Five of this interview…

Part Four
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7 responses to “David Foox: A Conversation about Television (Part III)

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  2. Yasmin

    I agree with that philosophy but would add that you also need to be appreciative of the source of the “stuff” that you receive in life and to acknowledge and give credit to that source. Otherwise it all becomes a little narcissistic even if you are living your life (in your belief) for a “good cause.” You have to respect the other people in the game … not just your own desires and beliefs.

  3. Appreciation is a critical component in living life.

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  6. mnlonghorn75

    I fully subscribe to these principles and am so excited to see this put into mainstream America – with an opportunity to see how to actually do it. Everyone likes a “prescribed diet”, a magic pill. This simplified plan is the prescribed diet to a conscience, spiritual life! Kudos!

  7. Put like a true master of the craft. You have grown since. I wish you many blessings to come. Life and the higer calling is apon your brow and transforms your vision into art. Expression of the mind can only be understood by those who know the basic formula of kindness to there fellow man.

    I am proud of you.


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