David Foox: A Conversation About Television (Part II)

As a follow up to David Foox’s sneak peak in part one of this interview about “Life Imitates Foox”, I wanted to talk about the spiritual and religious aspects of his inspirational message. Here is David Foox on religion.

All the “rules” Jess and I will exert upon our lives during “Life Imitates Foox” have been put into humanity’s collective mind by the great religions and philosophies that predate us by thousands of years. This truth has always existed – and has been known to humanity (regardless of religion) since forever. When I read the Bible, the Torah, the Koran etc, I read them with the Law of Attraction coloring my interpretation. Naturally, I see positivity in even the most bleakest or most boring paragraphs. Why do you think Samson failed in battle after his hair was cut short? Was it because God said so or was it because he psyched himself out and somehow BELIEVED that he was powerless without his hair? I think the latter. What about “Ask and Ye Shall Receive”? EXACTLY! This is a first principle. How can you get anything you want out of life if you never bother to define it and ask for it? This is a first step. I can go on and on, but I see you still have more questions for me to answer and I am not looking at writing a book (yet).

Please visit parts Three through Five of this interview…

Part Three
Part Four
Part Five



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9 responses to “David Foox: A Conversation About Television (Part II)

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  2. Yasmin

    um, clearly free speech is not one of the principles since my blog post got screened out! 🙂

  3. Yasmin, below is your comment – it is on Part II of the interview not Part I. There are four parts to the interview. Below is what you wrote on Part II. This is Part III.

    “I agree with that philosophy but would add that you also need to be appreciative of the source of the “stuff” that you receive in life and to acknowledge and give credit to that source. Otherwise it all becomes a little narcissistic even if you are living your life (in your belief) for a “good cause.” You have to respect the other people in the game … not just your own desires and beliefs.
    Comment by Yasmin October 22, 2008 @ 5:11 am “

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  5. mnlonghorn75

    Controversial to bring religion into mainstream tv…I applaud the link and the common thread in all religions – if people are openminded, they will feel the connection – for those who are not, the proof will be in the material success.

  6. Lobsta-killa

    nothing is controversial Longhorn

  7. rapture-fallen

    Happy New Year Mongrel! I dig the new Foox pieces and I am the proud owner of a FOOX Original – a beautifully painted skull with the broken teeth.

    I wish you Mongrel and FOOX a great 2009.


  8. Penny M.

    I am looking for a 2006 original David Foox painting. Specifically, an animal or Buddha related piece. Can you help?


  9. Dave Golden

    Foox is a yawner and his art is derivative and poorly executed.

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