New York Streets…

What I find fascinating about Williamsburg, Brooklyn is that it is a community that is supposed to be “artsy.” When I am there though no one seems to be looking at any art, especially the stuff on the street. What I do see are kids in tight pants on computers drinking lattes. It is ironic, because I suspect these same people are the ones that come to websites like The Mongrel to see what is fresh in the street. Go outside people.

Walking back to the train I saw this….
Big Brother is scary…

Notable street artists above include The Dude Company, Duece Seven, Ron English, Ana Peru, C215, Graffiti Research Lab, Cake, Dain, and many more. If anyone is not listed here just leave a comment.

By the way, angry hipster residents of Williamsburg can send me hate mail here:



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2 responses to “New York Streets…

  1. Becoming Brooklyn

    My pants are pretty loose, but I am looking at your site on a laptop. Where is the actual artsy community? Help a hipster do right.

  2. Look I live in Flatbush so it is very possible that I am wrong about this. But look, whenever I go up to Williamsburg I see so much potential for creativity. The problem is, that no one seems to care over there anymore. This idea of the ‘hipster’ came from the artists moving over the river from The Lower East Side to find better rent. But the fostering of an artists community made it a hip place to be and now all I can tell is that people are there just to be there and the art is secondary… like the street art is there but not for the sake of street art, not for the sake of beautification in an urban setting, or to question its surrounding, its just there for the sake of saying: “Yo, my shit is up in Williamsburg!” In Flatbush there is culture. There is reggae music played in the streets for the sake of enjoying music. The culture is an extension of the attitudes of the people rather than Williamburgs “culture” which is thinly layered and exists only for the sake of saying: “Hey I have culture.” But there is really no culture. Its like “how do I dress like I don’t care and I’m addicted to heroin and making art” rather than actually not caring and doing heroin and making art.” Go out and do something. Create something in your community. There is the potential. Otherwise, just move to Flatbush and we’ll chill on my block.

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