New York Streets…

What makes WK’s work so remarkable is how well it lends itself to the bombers and taggers and rambling homeless. The black and white figure is like a large scale human size newspaper waiting to be highlighted, crossed out, torn, and written over…


Bah Bah Bah Bomb Graffiti

My girl and I saw a preview for this Max Payne movie last night on t.v. and she said and I quote “This looks like a broke ass Crow.” At least their advertisements are putting money in the hands of artists.

Shit is coming…

(One time I posted an image on Spazmat’s myspace and apparently the image would not show up. Homie sent me a message saying something like “Hook this shit up proper son.”

Laser Guided Democracy…

Ana Peru Peru Ana

Take that Billi Kid… GENIUS.

Tons of other work by Cake on Streetsy today….


Rod Stuart Loves the Hamptons…



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2 responses to “New York Streets…

  1. hey “shit is coming” is from andres serrano, used to advertise his show at yvon lambert =P

  2. Alanna Hamilton

    I saw that they are now selling tees with the Rod Stuart logo here:

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