NY Streets….

I had this weird feeling to go scope out Chelsea this morning. I ended up bumping into the band TV on the Radio while they were waiting outside their studio on the sidewalk for their tour bus. They declined however to have their picture taken. Maybe they were under the impression I had some high brow photo shoot in mind. Look, for future reference The Mongrel is like the Kathy Griffin of art websites, ok? The D in D list stands for Dasco

A few blocks away this old man approaches me and says in the most bad ass old school New York accent:
“Whats the attraction to this stuff on the wall?”
I tell him its art
“Right, these sonsabitches come and put this shit up over night. I own this shop. I’m tryin to get the city to come take this shit off. I don’t want it here.

“Look this sonsabitch even welded right onto my shop!”

Last but not least, I get back to Flatbush and see these bastards on my block…


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