Heidi Greenwood

Speaking of Heidi Greenwood
I adore this new photo.

You may know Heidi from a certain art site she, Michael Hsiung, and I all used to work for….
As everyone knows that website was run by a very evil man.
Expect to see more of Heidi, Mike Hsiung, and a bunch of others here on The Mongrel very soon!



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5 responses to “Heidi Greenwood

  1. I’ve been a HUGE Heidi Greenwood fan for ages…
    this new photo is just incredible!
    adore you themongrel.com!!

  2. mandy

    I have seen heidi’s work before and it’s absolutely amazing. Way to go mongrel.com!! I can’t wait to see more.

  3. Jess

    Heidi. Heidi. Heidi.
    Where would the world be without
    the genius that is Heidi.

    Opinionated Press

  4. Cath

    Another great shot from the talented Heidi
    Greenwood! Can’t wait to see more New York Heidi

  5. todd

    alles sieht so schön aus

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