New York Streets…

The new mural commissioned by Banksy or whoever (see previous post) is hilarious and though *old news, I wanted to put it here.

*Even though this went up last week, by New York standards thats old news. However, I know people in Nebraskahoma read this site and I care about my people representing Mid Western farm towns. Get R Done.

Shepard Fairey’s Obama image got wheat pasted on the doors of The Outsiders exhibit by Steve Lazarides. Ana Peru tagged over it as seen here in this clever detail::::

I can never remember the name of this artist which makes me a bad journalist.

Whatever, here are some boobies::::

Last but not least, I saw this nice middle aged gentleman walking through Union Square the other day. Now, I know the economic crisis is bad… but is it really necessary to walk around dressed up like this? I guess this is one reason I love living in NYC.

As a side note, I predict that Anthony Lister will be dressed like this on a daily basis in twenty years.


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