Kevin Bourgeois: A Conversation about New York City

New York City rises like a massive complex of everything human. The city towers over nature. Split by water ways, NYC is the most populated city in the United States. Colonizing below the patches of sky are variations of the human experience. Individuals plug away at private matters while shuffling past one another attempting to carve out their definition of personal space and belief. Like all societies, it is the self righteous duties of the artist to bring the attention of society to these matters. Artists beg their surrounding to slow down and for a moment take a look at what is happening. In my opinion no one more than Kevin Bourgeois embodies the attitude and spirit of an artist living and working in New York.

“Inventions of Love (Natural Discourse)”

Kevin Bourgeois describes his art as “multi layered socio-political photorealism merged with pop culture symbolism.” Like New York itself Kevin’s art is androgynous and industrial, poetic and profound, and deeper than it appears on the surface. Kevin’s work is defined by geometry and arranged graphically. Contained in a piece by Kevin Bourgeois is organic pattern but it is almost always abruptly violated by diagrams be it the helix ‘ladder’ of DNA, electrical circuits, or scientific instruments but always sculpted with graphite. Kevin took some time recently to talk with me about being an artist in New York City.”

“The Heavens taste like Sulfur”

“To me being an artist living and working in NYC is an experience that has challenged and changed the way I see myself and the work I do. It has helped me evolve and expand due to the endless resources, challenges, and inspiration the city offers. It antagonizes as well as promotes your raw experience as an artist and person. I consider myself fortunate that I have only been in NYC for four years and have established myself as a presence in the art scene.

The only advice I have for someone considering to be an artist working and living in NYC is to believe in what you do and stand by the work, be honest with your work, take risks and sacrifice for what you believe as an artist.

As far as my future in NYC… I know this is home and where I will create, live, and dream for many years.”

Kevin Bourgeois is represented by Ch’i Contemporary in Brooklyn
You can also learn more about Kevin at Art Battery Group


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