David Foox: A Conversation about Expectations

A couple weeks ago David and I spoke about his “Jihadi Jewels” paintings and the unexpected controversy that followed the release of those works. In that interview David had mentioned “The series as a whole contains a variety of currencies and to be honest other ones that I thought were WAY more controversial!” So I thought I’d catch up with David and find out about what other paintings in fact were expected to be controversial, why, and why he thinks they were not received that way.

“Well controversial is, I suppose, a strong word. Nothing seems to be controversial today in our society of corruption, excess, conspiracy theories, religious fanatics, amoral attitudes, and competing values. So really I guess my “hand over my mouth in a sign of surprise” regarding “G-Units” is a little coy. Not to be coy of course. Nonetheless, I made the statement because I tried to incorporate symbolism that is found in current US Currency that matches up with symbolism relating to XXXXXXX (please insert your favorite bogeyman here, examples could include: the occult, paganism (and with that pagan rituals), Egyptian astronomy, and why not a pinch of masonry). Ironically, I believe that these pieces are very effective at communicating this, but I do have to say that every now and then the blind squirrel does find an ACORN. This, to me, is ironic, because instinct governs where direct (or even indirect) knowledge is simply lacking. So yeah I know my “G-Units” are relevant but perhaps understanding the depth of that meaning is something that escapes me. And that, Dasco, is why “G-Units” is controversial.”

As always, you can keep up with David Foox here.


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  1. Fitzy

    Where is the Islamic piece foox did with the woman on the side and missiles and stripes?

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