Banksy in New York?

Last week Erica Orden of The New York Sun and I were talking about the possibility that Banksy was in New York for “The Outsiders” exhibit. I linked last Friday’s article from The Sun that was about the speculation.
A few days later the monstrosity below went up in Soho.

I slept on posting this for a few days because when I walked by it didn’t look like a Banksy to me.
In fact, the below photo is not mine. I pulled it off of Wooster Collective’s site.

Here is the story that ran on The Gothamist:
“A huge Banksy mural was spotted being put up in Soho at Wooster and Grand this morning. At first it appeared that it was possibly Banksy himself painting the huge rat, but the painter’s American accent quickly revealed that it was not in fact the pseudo-anonymous British graffiti artist.
After initially dodging questions, the painter revealed that he was working for the sign painting company Colossal Media and was given the commission. It’s expected that the mural will be completed later today. Banksy may or may not be in town for the Lazarides show on Houston and Bowery, but it’s possible he’s nearby and watching the painting go up.”



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2 responses to “Banksy in New York?

  1. bitsandbobbets

    would be great if banksy made something new again, I just love him

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