Veng of RWK: A Conversation about Identity

Veng is from Staten Island and writes with Robots Will Kill. Veng’s characters are brilliant and humble with the faces of well fed goblins. His population of imaginary characters fade into the walls of New York City so well that often even the pattern of their clothing is woven with the bricks of the city like camouflage. I wanted to find out the story behind these people with such distinct characteristics. Like so many New Yorkers are these people immigrants? Veng took some time recently to share with me where his art comes from:

“I started with these characters about a year ago. The most significant part was coming up with a recognizable frame to the character much like letters to a graffiti writer. I have always been heavily into Dutch art of the 17th century and with changes based ideals off of those paintings to capture what I had in my head for the make-up of the character. When painting I’m always trying to mix and match scenes, like how the character resembles a person from long ago yet is doing something current to us or the other way around.

My ambition when painting is to try to capture a moment and execute it where it makes the viewer feel as if they are in the story.”

Learn more about Veng on his flickr.

Learn more about Robots Will Kill!


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