Fefe: A Conversation about Nightmares

Fefe is known all over the world for releasing upon the streets a plague of monsters carved out of typographical letters. Her work like so many others is deemed graffiti by the authorities while simultaneously being heralded as the the most fresh street art by leading gallery curators and art historians. This past summer Fefe teamed up with Doze Green for a show titled “Omega Bridge” in Amsterdam. I had noticed recently an emergence of a stylized demon that had grown from her previous monster portraits. I have interviewed Fefe before and know that she draws inspiration from nightmares. I wanted to check in with her and ask if this was still a topic of influence. Here is what she had to say:

I’m a strong tempered person, and I have sometimes bad evil mood to express, I don’t really like to give to anyone… so… with those monsters I can express all my anger without hurting anyone, it’s a way to escape from fear and hate.

Yes they have to do with experience I’ve had before with people, most of people are pretty sick in this world, living in their own bubble of shit, which they can’t find any answers to their problems, so they try to dirty us with this.

My nightmares came cause that, lots of shit stay on my subconsciousness and they bother me in the night… so I wake up in the night and start to draw… then after this… I can sleep very good.

You can get up with Fefe here.
In addition to street art, Fefe is an MC.
Listen to her latest tracks here.


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