David Foox: A Conversation about Controversy

When I first posted the following two pieces by David Foox titled “Jihadi Jewels” he mentioned to me that these particular paintings sparked quite a bit of controversy with fans of his work. I wanted to give David a chance to explain:

Jihadi Jewels” was not meant to be as controversial as it has become. I have received both hate mail and fan mail from strangers that either freak out about it or FREAK OUT about it. This was NOT my intention with this painting. Let me explain. I have created a series of paintings (35 in the series and 3 big pieces = 38 paintings make up the Scary Money Series). It was loosely based upon a fictional character named Vidica that nervously, cautiously, and carefully journeys through an imaginative universe. This universe steps in and out of reality and contains currencies that I imagined a cute character named Vidica would need to get past checkpoints, ambushes, and other hurdles. The series as a whole contains a variety of currencies and to be honest other ones that I thought were WAY more controversial!

Which is cool cause I would rather have them fly under the radar! Haha. “Jihadi Jewels” is my view on current events and one cannot comment on today’s state of affairs without a hat tip to the middle east and the drama that exists in this hotbed. Not arming Vidica with a currency for this neck of the woods would be letting loose a relatively naive and innocent character into the world unprepared.

The other currencies that I think are perhaps more poignant to today’s critical environment are the “G-Units” (denominations 1, 6, 13, and 33).



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2 responses to “David Foox: A Conversation about Controversy

  1. Sir Snazzy McBugbear Ridiculous Palmerstone

    who is this masked crusader? i ask.

  2. Crumbly Bear arch nemesis of Badger Boo

    I’ll put a little someting someting in your koolaid if you get me one of these…

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