Chabasm Interview

Chabasm. Cahbasm. Cahbasmn. However he is spelling it today. I can best describe him as a New York illustrator and street artist, or better yet, just a crazy son of a bitch. I met the dude in the street about a year ago. I’ve interviewed him once before. This time he decided I should send him the answers and he’d write the questions. However, when I got the interview back I noticed he practically wrote the whole thing by himself. Here goes.

What were the main forms that you have used in your characters, besides large Americans and people waiting at bus stops in small urban pockets of North America?

Elephants, penis, boobies, and trailers, all that great American enchantment.

What has been a driving force graphic-ization of your images?

Japanese Hentai & Manga … and boobies.

I’m of course intolerant of blacks and other minorities but what do you have to say about the recent banning of soul food?

They should ban fried pizza and tacos too we need more coors light outlets.

Do you support the NFL?

It’s not that I’m part of the black power movement per se, I just feel that whitey has been a major obstacle for African American NFL running backs, I mean look at the Quarterbacks up until recently…

What kind of habitats did the dinosaurs live in?

Other dinosaur vaginas and sometimes housing provided by FEMA.

Milton Bradley has been an integral part of your art, as well as fisher price and L Ron Hubbard when I realize that the golden tablets were in your pocession the reason god created the internet and then blogging must have become clear to you how sexy is tom cruises butt on a 1 to 10 rating?


Visit Chabasm online here.


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