David FOOX

Mr Foox creates art for the love of beautiful things, hidden messages and meanings, and all that is magical.

“My goal is to overwhelm the mind with images and colors that swim with each other and throughout the canvas or board. I have adopted an approach that is part anime, part pop, and part old skool shading. Being color blind myself has simply meant using stronger contrasts in shading and more reds and browns. It also means that while something looks well shaded to me, it must REALLY pop for anyone else with normal vision! My inspiration comes from: the number “8”, dragons, graf lettering, inane politics, time and space travel, good kicks, acrylics, the color “ice blue”, and loud music. Thanks for reading this far.”

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16 responses to “David FOOX

  1. TX - Rockstar

    I know this artist personally. His work is just starting to get in the limelight and his style is spooky/cartoony/cool.

    I know he is color blind cause he dresses like a color blind person would dress.

  2. FOOX is a phenomenon. The color issue blows me away, who knew? He’s a master of tones and everything I’ve seen is chromatically intricate, gorgeous and flowing. I love his edge.

  3. mnlonghorn

    I love the diversity of this artists work. It is all very emotional and thoughtful.

    I can’t wait to see more!

  4. TL

    I love graphic art so I love David Foox’s work.
    Specially love the provocative aspect of his work, the jihadi dollars are among my favourite.
    Got a feeling one of those gonna end up somewhere in my living-room very soon …

  5. LC

    David’s work is thought provoking because knowing that he is colorblind may be a disadvantage in the purview of others, but I think it gives him an edge as his understanding of contrasts is more refined.

    Beethoven was never handicapped by his loss of hearing, and in fact his work was more emotionally profound and emphatic. I think this is a crucial part of David’s success in creating something overwhelming. Anyone who’s read this shouldn’t go trying to poke his eyes out though…

  6. bN

    color blind, huh? bet he was a good lawyer…before he became FOOX: the man, the myth, the artist. And he has an accent…pretty hot! Work like his doesn’t hang on gallery walls for long…better snap’em up before I beat you all to it

  7. This is some fantastic work from a fantasic artist with a heart. If you are not familiar with his work please take a minute to examine the work above, and then check out his website listed above. There are many different works that take on many different lights, get to know the “Foox”.

  8. WHOA! This is sick!

    I want my own currency!

  9. Benny G

    What can I say about David? Man the story can go on forever, but I will spare you all the details and just tell you this. I have known David from the time he was a 17 year old boy playing with guns and chasing girls. I will never forget how when he started getting serious with his art, though I must admit he is never serious. He was painting little War Hammer figurines in his apartment in NYC….from there he moved to canvas and never looked back. I am proud of him and his accomplishments and look forward to watching him expand his horizons even further.

  10. I love David’s currency work! There is so much meaning in each piece. I find it fascinating!- Jennifer Moreman, Tyler, TX

  11. Cool Girl

    I once saw the Foox in person – I had my our art show…..in my pants…….

    I love his work and his body……..of art that is

  12. Cool Girl

    sp – my own art show…in my pants

  13. Peter Chang

    The real deal.. if you think the currency series is hot.. his other work will blow your mind away!

  14. San Fran Gang Bang

    Mr Foox is a MESMERIZING artist. He communicates a sense of reality that is other than what we experience daily and yet a virtue of something romantic that could exist if we all chose to let go.

    David Foox is an exceptional artist. His Jihadi Jewels is exceptional and timeless and pertinent to our current times. Even this piece is romantic and beautiful, almost whimsical.

    I LOVE HIS ART. I am a follower of his beliefs and wish I could communicate my thoughts the way he does on canvas and paper.


  15. Dasco, you know what I found this afternoon in my possessions? I found THE ORIGINAL JIHADI JEWELS unframed and on Rives BFK ready for mounting. I am so happy I found this original.

    Jihadi Jewels is one of my most pervasive images so far and the fact that I still have the original painting makes me so happy you have no idea!!!!!!!!! anyway, thought you would like to know.


  16. jaime-silverotho

    sweet stuff.

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