Status: Headquarters and The Mongrel

Hello to everyone that reads this website,

Aaron Cobbett’s studio is going back to its original form. This website for the time being will go back to The Mongrel. Headquarters will soon have a spectacular portfolio website and no longer be a blog. As you know, I currently blog at Bombin’ Magazine’s website also.

As you may have already guessed, Aaron and I have something up our sleeves and will be working together on a project soon.
Thank you to everyone that has come to this website since I launched it in August of last year.

I encourage you to look around at all of the previous content.
Look forward to an explosive new project soon.




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Ain Cocke at Goff+Rosenthal

Ain Cocke, a young artist currently based in Bejing, just opened first New York solo show, simply titled New Paintings, at Goff + Rosenthal Gallery last Friday. His “traditional,” Baroque-style portraits of World War I and II–era soldiers evoke a certain bygone era of intimacy among men which has disintegrated under the pressure of a broad array of new modern male identities. dasgeheimnisdowninthevalleyGoff+Rosenthal

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Artist of the day: Marilyn Minter

This superstar artist alternates between photography and photo realistic painting. “Peoples feet get dirty even in very expensive shoes” she states. Her work has been seen as billboards as well as galleries and museums. Her work is about “what goes wrong” in our mindlessly consumerist, label and surface obsessed culture. One of my all time heroines.



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Im having an OBAMA moment

Sorry to wax political kiddies, but our president just released an amazing video to the Islamic world, specifically Iran, wishing them happy Norouz, the Persian New Year.
This is real progress and Im just floored by it.
To think the Bush white house was making plans to attack Iran, and now we see this!
Reason and tolerance wins the day, at least for today.
Kudos Mr. President, for reaching out in an intelligent and dignified way to our proposed enemies!

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Virtual Insanity, opening at Cinders Gallery

Virtual Insanity is a group show exploring intimacy through technology and how it allows us to entertain and communicate, as well as create digital debris. Featuring 12 works by 8 artists that range from video to radio, painting and drawing to sculpture.

Lucky Dragons, Michael Bell-Smith, James Howard, Olaf Breuning, Kathy Grayson, Jill Magid, John Michael Boling and Tiffany Malakooti
Curated by Maxwell Williams
March 20 – April 19th 2009

Opening Reception Friday March 20th 7-10pm

Cinders Gallery

103 Havemeyer st. store#2
Brooklyn, NY 11211


James Howard, Neuro transmitter

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Recommended: Welcome To My World, opening tonight.

At Greene Contemportary, While diverse in the range and scale of work they present, the artists in Welcome to My World share similar approaches to their process, inspired by imagination to reinvent personal experiences, cultural identity, and fantasies into a visual language. The ad hoc combination of references and materials invites the viewer to enter both miniature and grandiose imaginary environments and situations, setting off on a journey of their own.  Featuring the genius work of Jean-Pierre Roy (see below)

Greene Contemporary

9 Clinton St., New York, NY 10002
Phone: 212-228-8282 sightspecific-4401

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NY Arts Beat interviews Cycle

Like other big names in the graffiti scene, Cycle was influenced firsthand by the writers who originated the famous New York City subway train style and he became an active part of its evolution. An avid drawer as a child, he nonetheless had to find his own way into making art, rebelling against established art forms and inventing new styles in graffiti and illustration over and over again to become one of the most skillful letter benders of our time. Cycle is known for experimentation and trying new things. The vast diversity of his graffiti pieces and illustrations often confuse people into thinking that he is more than one person. Veiw the entire interveiw on New York Arts Beatcycle_portrait-1hummingbird-c

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